International Securities and Equities Commission


Assuming that you have already gone ahead and made an investment with a firm that got in touch with you without your solicitation, there are steps you can follow straight away to minimize your potential exposure and establish if you are the victim of a scam or not.

Carefully Review Your Statements of Account

Especially when it comes to the first few statements, you should personally double check each entry to ensure it meets with what you expected when you invested. If you are unable to obtain satisfactory answers to any questions raised by review of your statements then file a complaint with the company’s compliance department.

Do Not Send More Funds to the Company At This Stage

Protect yourself by not remitting further funds until you can establish beyond reasonable doubt that the company you have invested with are legitimate.

Request Either All or Partial Withdrawal of Your Investment Funds

Make a request for the return of either all or some of the funds that your are holding with the company. If your funds are not sent back to you in the timeframe requested or any excuses are made, then it’s time to start being concerned.

If you are having trouble with accuracy of your statements or cannot secure the retrieval of your funds then it is time to take action.

Report the company to International Securities and Equities Commission.

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