International Securities and Equities Commission


International Securities and Equities Commission is proposing that the current unregulated commodity sector should come under the same scrutiny and regulation as other investment companies due to the recent high level of complaints to International Securities and Equities Commission about miss selling and other unethical behavior from certain commodity firms which at the moment do not require to be registered to carry out investment business.

Before investing in anything it is important to establish the legitimacy of the investment firm or promoter but even assuming they have checked out and are a legitimate firm, certain types of investment opportunities should still be avoided by all but the most savvy of investors. We believe that commodity investing comes firmly under this category.

More complex investments such as commodity futures or options are not only typically difficult for the average retail investor to understand but carry much higher levels of risk than simpler investment vehicles such as stocks or bonds.

Commodity Futures carry the potential for the investor to lose much more than even their initial investment if the market falls too fast and the investor fails to make margin payments.

These type of investments are better avoided unless you have a well above average knowledge of the markets and/or have invested in the past successfully in commodities and have a strong grasp of the mechanics of such trading.

Further updated will be listed here and feedback regarding this and any of our other proposals can be given by contacting us.