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International Securities and Equities Commission is committed to making our website accessible to everyone including people with visual, hearing or other impairments. We are in the process of making our site as accessible as possible but this is an ongoing process and we are continually working to provide the best experience we can.


Tool Tips

Hovering the mouse over certain words will launch what is known as a tool tip. Tool tips give further explanation of the word or phrase that you are hovering over. They are used in this site to explain phrases and words that are specialist to investment market.

Increase or Decrease Size of Fonts

For users with difficulty reading the content of our website, we have included simple + and  buttons on each page to increase or reduce the size of the text without having to modify settings within your computer. This will be most useful at times when you are using a computer in a public place or that is not yours.


You can also change the way this website looks to suit your preferences by modifying settings within your web browser:

Increasing the font size.

If you find the size of the text on our website too small you can easily adjust it by using the font size setting in your browser. If you use Internet Explorer 6, go to the “View” menu, select “Text Size” and then select “Larger”. If you use Internet Explorer 7 and 8 or Firefox, you can resize text using the zoom function by pressing and holding down “Ctrl” and “+”. This will then zoom in allowing users with low vision to see the text more clearly. Use “Ctrl” and “-” to decrease the zoom again.

Adjusting text and color changes

Users relying on screen magnifiers can find white backgrounds give off a glare. You can change both the background and the text on our website by changing some settings in your browsers. If you use Internet Explorer, look in the ‘Tools’ menu, select “Internet Options”, select “Colors” and make changes to text and background colors in the “Colors” panel.
PDFs and accessibility

Accessibility Wizard

If you use Windows, there is a program called Accessibility Wizard that enables you to set preferences for using your PC and the internet. To find the Accessibility Wizard, look in the Start menu, select “Programs”, select “Accessories”, select “Accessibility”, select the “Accessibility Wizard” and then follow the instructions.

Feedback about our website accessibility

Your suggestions and feedback on how to improve accessibility on our website should be sent to [email protected].